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.m. in london. testifying before a senate committee on the role in tax evasion. insisted this conduct was limited to a handful of employees. hans nichols as the details from berlin. good morning. ritual to these hearings. or anyllenge to dougan, executive, is to be contrite but not give away ground to hurt shareholders. on this one key point on whether anyone would be held accountable, you kept hearing them press the question. >> how many culpable officers in key executives have you held accountable or fire the? >> we determined to shut this business down. over the course of the first two years after that i'm a we basically reduce the size of the business by about 85%. >> how many employees were fired? different credit suisse employees serviced the 22,000 u.s. linked accounts. the committee's report, only 10 of the 1800 were disciplined and no one was fired. is that an accurate statement? is largely accurate. >> why do people take money out of the country of origin and move to switzerland? historically, one of the things obviously highlighted is they are sheltering assets and income f
of the nate -- april 1 tax hike. ukraine's new prime minister get straight to work on securing the bailout worth as much as 15 alien dollars as tensions -- $15 billion as tensions flare. welcome to "countdown." anna is off today. bloomberg reporters are standing by across the world ready to deliver the stories that will drive your day. john has more on what we can expect from the ecb. john dawson has the highlights from hong kong. , set toe hathaway report record profits tomorrow. latest. hyde has the later, the uk's third-biggest insurer. julian roberts will join us after the earnings break at 7:00 . hollywood make it all of the attention when it comes to movie making, but what about nigeria's film industry? we will hear from the man behind the so-called nigerian netflix. that is later. chair janetrve yellen said the central bank is likely to keep trimming asset or justice. policymakers -- asset purchases. >> what we need to do and will be doing in the weeks ahead is to try to get a firmer handle on exactly how much of that set of soft data can be explained by weather. is not mostly weath
-year earnings interest before tax, 3.6 billion euros. dividend to $.75. the game for the charges, here we go. 434 million charge for the a350 and restructuring. this is the double long-haul plane. if you are going to america or another nice destination, this is the plane. it will go head-to-head with the dreamliner and costs have been mounting. restructuring, they have put this unit into one. you've seen the charges, 434 million euro or the a350. calexico is a huge range in terms of analyst expectations. -- >> it is a huge range. i'm wondering how that will go down with investors. of the >> they are pitting the airbus at the front of the company. >> hence the new name. we don't talk about aeds anymore. gave the employees t-shirts apparently when they relaunched the name at the end of last year. airbus can fit on a it t-shirt itsn a t-shirt but aeds in true form cannot. u.s.nts on brazil and the and what they are looking for ahead of earnings. or fifths of profits come from the region. offset by a winter. brazil beer volumes and they have seen solid growth in china. the mexican bee
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3